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[EXCLUSIVE] iAmAttila’s Ultimate Spying Guide for Mobile Media Buyers

So what can they do to find out where happy farm advertised so they can put their ads for essentially the same kind of game on those placements? The right demographic that is interested in the offer is on that site, so by targeting the same sites as your competition similar offer you are saving yourself a huge amount of guess work. By doing a simple lookup you can quickly find out what angles, banner design styles and banner sizes work best for an offer.

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I remember five years ago when I first started doing affiliate marketing the only way to spy on your competition on mobile was to have several phones from. Spy mobile landing page isn;t any easier method to monitor and track the cell phone activities of your personnel or family.

Also make note of the angles, and the look and feel of the banners. This is all very important. To find landing pages for an offer things get a little bit more complicated. First things first, when you are working backwards you want to identify the offer landing page, this is where everyone ultimately sends their visitor that pushes the offer.

Create easy landing pages with PureLander

To do this, just follow through on the campaign link your AM gave you for the offer. On the results page scroll down to upstream sites.

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What do we have here? Step 3 Go back to WRW, and type in each domain from the list above and see what comes up under landing pages. So do we give up? I am working with ClickDealer and MundoMedia for the WhatsApp Offers — the offer links they gave me for whatsapp contain their domain which are:.

What we want to do is take the tracker domains from our CPA Network, type them in to similar web and look at what sites are sending it the most traffic. Unfortunately the landing pages I found were for toolbar offers and for adult dating — so the guy that was pushing whatsapp was also doing these two other verticals.

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Not useful in this case, but I discovered some random stuff. We can visit each placement from a mobile phone, and click through and explore it that way. This method may work or it may not. You gotta try it. So keyword search method is working.

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Without getting into too much detail why anyone would want to do this … this method can come in handy because it can lead you to many ideas on how to run a specific offer. To make this easy to understand, I am going to be showing you a scenario. After you complete it you should have around total sites written down.

Do this for all of the ones on your list, checking banners and landing pages in the left tool bar on WRW.

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Not all sites will bring back results, but some will and in a big way. I was able to find landers for pop traffic this way I never thought of. And this lander doubled my CR — so it def pays to spy on your competitors! This method is very advanced, and requires even more time. But time spent can bring huge returns. Why in the world would you want to spy on your CPA Network?

Unlock the Formula to Build Profitable Campaigns. Get access to exclusive insider tips and learn how to create profitable mobile popunder campaigns. Hi Andrew, Great Tips thank you, please can you tell me where you host your landing page, and did you use a unique domain name for each of your campaign.

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Your email address will not be published. Secrets you don't want to miss! Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Do You Need a Landing Page? The short answer is yes, but keep reading to understand the full picture.

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WhatRunsWhere offers you the possibility to search by advertiser, publisher, keyword or network. Install and Set Up. Why in the world would you want to spy on your CPA Network? Your email address will not be published. All plans features viewing ad creatives and traffic sources, identifying top ads, Google Content Network coverage.

The 4 True Value Points to Faster Profits by Ripping Landing Pages Reduces Time — Learning how to build landing pages requires time, especially if you do not know any coding already, but even if you do have some coding skills under your belt, there is a specific science to building and tuning landing pages. Hands down the best spy tool for finding and ripping mobile pop landing pages is… AdPlexity Mobile Enough said. My first profitable campaign… Several of you have asked me through email how I found my first successful campaign.

Comments Hi Andrew, Great Tips thank you, please can you tell me where you host your landing page, and did you use a unique domain name for each of your campaign.

True Value of Ripping Landing Pages

My landing pages are on different domains than my campaign links. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Keep your teen or pre-teen child safe at all times. For every packet choose the right coupon.

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Once you log in, you will be redirected to the control panel and all download iphone spy apps of the target will be listed on the website. Check out where the good areas are and spend enough time in on local sights to see and special events that may be happening locally. This week we spy mobile landing page with more information on jailbreaking and more reasons why you should do it.

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Do you want to start tracking any cell phone on the world. Other ways this software can be used Many parents dont know what really sexting is. Think about how and when you may leave your phone unattended, even for a few minutes. By checking the "Show ExoPlayer Debug Messages" option, you can see when the app uses the traditional "fallback" player versus the ExoPlayer. Finally, with web hosting spy mobile landing page from 80 per year and up, you;ll want to carefully consider the features you get in whatever web hosting package you select.

Lo unico que tienes que hacer es activar el agente, es decir escoger un contacto del agenda, para que Spyphone pueda llamarle en caso de emergencia, si el nivel de ruido sube de forma drastica por ejemplo. If you have a genuine case, spy mobile landing page can approach the cellular company preferably with a letter from the authorities and request for their assistance. Mobile Spy is spy mobile landing page next generation of spy spy mobile landing page for smartphones.

For true trolls like Microsoft, for example you don;t want to be in the position where you land in court because your likely trivial patents might be invalidated. Anywhere in the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the humans, just log in to spy mobile landing page mSpy Control Panel from any computer. Once your payment has been confirmed, check your email to install and set up this smartphone spying software. Tell her that she means the world to you and that your marriage is very important to you.

By enhancing employee performance and reducing wasted time, Mobistealth empowers you to silently record text messages.

What are the best Mobile Ad Spying Tools?

When she was depressed, the digital battlefield, both perform well. Spy mobile landing page use them to their fullest to bring yourself closer to your goals. Taking advantage of the Internet abilities of smart phones, all of the collected logs including exact cell phone GPS location information can be easily uploaded by Mobile spy software to your Spy mobile landing page spy online account which will show you the exact location of where the target mobile phone spy mobile landing page by a map.